Chairman Zhang met with Mr.Fici, Senior Vice President of Westinghouse Electric Company
  • Updated:2005-01-07
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Author:Gu Xinping

  【CAEA web news】November 8,2004, Mr.Zhang Huazhu, Chairman of China Atomic Energy Authority(CAEA)had a meeting with Mr. James Fici, Senior Vice President of Westinghouse Electric Company.
  First of all, Chairman Zhang Huazhu extended a warm welcome to Mr.Fici. He mentioned that  the process of public bidding for the Chinese new nuclear projects had been unfolded and Westinghouse should be fully prepared for that.

  He also mentioned that CAEA and  Department of Energy (DOE)had made several rounds of negotiation on the issues of Chinese Government Assurance for AP1000 export to China and reached the consensus on the most of contents. Both sides were actively dealing with the possible solution on the validity of export license

  Although Bechtel Company ,the partner of Westinghouse consortium was a famous company in the world, Mr.Zhang said, it had some insufficiency in terms of project coordination, management and procurements when it served as a subcontractor of Conventional Island and BOP in Qinshan Phase III project. He hoped this matter could come to the  attentions of  Westinghouse Consortium.

  Mr.Fici expressed sincere gratitude to Mr.Zhang for the meeting arrangement and briefed him the strong support from the US government and congress on the Westinghouse’s participation in the Chinese nuclear project.

  As for the Government Assurance, Mr.Fici said that he was happy to see the progress made with joint efforts of both sides and optimize  to the final solution on the relevant outstanding issue.

  Mr.Fici said that he would bring back the Mr.Zhang’s comments on the Bechtel company and committed that Westinghouse Consortium would put forward the high quality service in the Chinese Nuclear Power development.( photographer and writer/Li Qian)