An Outline Co-operation Agreement was Signed between CNNC and Shandong Province
  • Updated:2005-10-19
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Author:huang wei

An outline co-operation agreement for jointly promoting nuclear power development in Shandong was signed between the president Kang Rixin of CNNC and the provincial governor Han Yuqun of Shandong Province on the afternoon of Oct. 9.

At the beginning of the signing ceremony, Mr. Kang Rixin said, today the signing of this co-operation agreement is a new starting point. I believe that our efforts should produce plentiful and substantial fruits. The CNNC is a conglomerate with powerfully technical and economic strength directly under the leadership of the central government, a key company for developing nuclear power in China. For the nuclear power as our mainstay industry, we have the responsibility, ability and confidence to get on in nuclear power as soon as possible. The CNNC must do the work of developing nuclear power in Shandong as a very important work at present, and strive for Shandong’s nuclear power catch the first regular bus of the “eleventh 5-year plan”. The provincial governor Han Yuqun said, all of the Haiyang site and Rushan site in Shandong are provided with good conditions, the construction pace should be quicken. The CNNC owns strong strength, abundant experience through R&D of technology to practical application, high appraisal given by relevant ministries of central government. So that, we hope to co-operate with the CNNC and let CNNC lead the nuclear power development in Shandong. Besides the nuclear power, the applications of nuclear technology such as radiation also have large market in Shandong. The provincial government will set up sound conditions for CNNC’s development in Shandong.