Mr. Sun Qin Met with Mr. Samuel Bodman, Secretary of DOE of the USA
  • Updated:2006-12-15
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(CAEA Net News) In the afternoon of December 15, 2006, Chairman of CAEA, Mr. Sun Qin met with Mr. Samuel Bodman,Secretary of Department of Energy of the USA in the Great Hall of the People and exchanged views on issues of mutual concerns in the area of Sino-US nuclear energy cooperation.

Mr. Sun Qin said that China held an open and constructive attitude toward the GNEP initiative proposed by the US side early this year. He believed that GNEP focused on nuclear energy development and was necessary for non-proliferation, but there were certain technological and engineering risks involved. China was willing to continue discussions with the US in a step-by step manner with view to increasing mutual understanding. China was also open to opinions of other countries on GNEP. Mr. Sun Qin also expressed appreciation for the efforts made by the US in promoting GNEP.

Mr. Sun emphasized that the Chinese Government was resolutely opposed to any form of terrorism including nuclear terrorism. China was paying great attention to fighting against nuclear terrorism through cooperation with the IAEA in preparing to join the Network of Safeguards Analytical Laboratories and Non-proliferation Support Plan. He said China and the United States has good cooperation in the area of nuclear energy, and China was ready for cooperation with the US in the areas of nuclear safety, nuclear safeguards, nuclear security, nuclear waste disposal and nuclear emergency response as well as nuclear security for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Mr. Bodman was pleased with Sino-US cooperation in the area of nuclear energy. He hoped that the two sides would strengthen cooperation and the United States was willing to cooperate with China with regard to nuclear security for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. (Gu Xinping Article and Photo)