Chairman Zhang Huazhu met with Mr.BOUCHARD of CEA
  • Updated:2004-11-29
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  [CAEA web news] November 29,2004, Mr.Zhang Huazhu ,Chairman of China Atomic Energy Authority(CAEA), met with French delegation headed by Mr. Jacques Bouchard, Director of  Nuclear Energy Division of the Commission of Energy Atomic( CEA). Both sides exchanged views and opinions on the relevant issues commonly interested.                                           

  Mr.Zhang asked Mr.Bouchard about the situation of Nuclear Power system in France and GIV Forum,and indicated that China had willingness to participate in it.

  Mr.Bouchard said, GIV forum was open to China and some tangible issues  needed to be negotiated. He said that China was the country which had a large of demand on energy. It was important to take into account the advanced technology of GIV reactor when China were speeding up the nuclear power development. The main objective of GIV forum was to organize the countries which were working on the R&D of GIV technology to jointly develop the GIV technology for the future, he explained.

  After the meeting, Chinese officials and experts held a seminar with franch delegation on the GIV technology and comprehensively exchanged the experiences and opinions on several technical topics. (Photographer and writer/Gu Xinping)