Sun Qin Led a Delegation to Attend the IAEA Board of Governors Meeting in June
  • Updated:2007-07-02
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On 11 June, 2007, Sun Qin, Deputy Minister of the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and Chairman of the National Atomic Energy Agency of China, led the Chinese delegation as Chinese trustee to attend the IAEA Board of Governors Meeting in June.

In his speech at the meeting, Sun Qin fully confirmed the achievements, made by IAEA in 2006, in the promotion of the application of nuclear energy and technology, improvement of supervision system for nuclear safety and elevation of the unclear security capacity in its member States; and introduced relevant information on the development of unclear energy and the cooperation with IAEA in China. Sun Qin emphasized that the Chinese government will continue to support the IAEA carrying out the facilitating activities and inspections stipulated by the IAEA Statute ,and hoped that the IAEA will make efforts to keep the balanced development between two major aspects in the future work.