Mr.Sun Qin headed a delegation to attend FNCA Ministerial Meeting
  • Updated:2005-12-08
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Author:Gu Xinping

[CAEA Web News] The Six FNCA Ministerial Meeting was held in Tokyo on December 1,2005.The Ministers or his representatives from FNCA member countries including  Korea, Japan, Australia, Viet Nam, Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, attended the meeting and carried out a broad discussion and exchange  on  how to further promote the activities in the fields of nuclear technology application, human resources, nuclear safety and radioactive wastes. Bangladesh was accepted as observer of FNCA to participate in the FNCA activities unanimously during the meeting.

Mr.Sun Qin, Chairman of China Atomic Energy Authority(CAEA) headed a Chinese delegation to attend this meeting and delivered a keynote speech on China’s Policy of Nuclear Power Development, Regional Cooperation and Human Resources. He also met with Mr.I.Matsuda, Science and Technology Minister of Japan, Dr.Jarjis, Malaysian Science and Technology Minister and others.

After meeting, Chairman Sun visited Japanese Nuclear Manufacturers and Nuclear Fuel cycle facilities. (Huangwei)