Mr.Sun met with Ukraine Ambassador
  • Updated:2006-01-28
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[CAEA net news ] Mr. Sun Qin, Vice Minister of COSTIND and Chairman of CAEA met with Ukraine Ambassador Sherhi Kamyshev on January 26, 2006. Both sides exchanged the views on how to enhance bilateral cooperation in the field of nuclear energy and other aspects.

Many common understandings in the areas of economy and technology had been reached between both national leaders, Mr. Sun said after debriefed by Ambassador on the development of Ukraine Nuclear power. It could lay a solid foundation for the cooperation in terms of economy and technology.  Meanwhile, Ukraine had build up sound basis and capability of nuclear power and accumulated much experiences during its own development. Up to now, a lot of Ukraine engineers and technicians were working in the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant and made great contribution for Chinese Nuclear program. He expressed his sincerely appreciation on that.

China had formulated medium and long term planning of nuclear power development. Although the electricity generated by nuclear power in 2005 accounted for 2.2% of total electricity generated, it would be promoted to a certain extent. In the future, China would continuously stick to principle of Cooperating with International Partners with China Playing Major Role. China welcomed foreign companies including Ukraine companies to participate in Chinese nuclear power development.

As for the China-Ukraine Forum on Nuclear Energy proposed by Ambassador, Mr.Sun said, Chinese government actively support experts and scholars of both enterprises and R&D institutes to carry out exchanges on mutual interested topics such as nuclear power design, engineering construction, manufacturing of main components, operation experiences and radiation protection and etc. Mr. Sun also asked about the situation of Ukraine independent nuclear fuel cycle systems, aftermath of Chernobyl accidents and etc.  He believed the meeting between two sides would help to further promote bilateral cooperation in the nuclear energy for peace purposes.

Ambassador Kamyshev fully agreed with Mr.Sun. He believed the cooperation between two sides in the fields of High-tech and energy including nuclear power were promising and he would made more effort in this regard. He also kindly invited Mr.Sun to visit Ukraine in due time.  (Photo and article by Ms. Gu Xinping)