Zhang Hua zhu met with Mr.Abraham
  • Updated:2005-01-07
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Author:Gu Xinping

  [CAEA  Web news]  December 17,2004, Mr.Zhang Huazhu,Chaiman of CAEA ,with US delegation headed by Mr.Abraham, Secretary of US Department of Energy. Both sides broadly exchanged the opinions on various issues commonly concerned.                                                                                                                                                                     

  Mr.Zhang said, with the joint effort, two sides had signed a MOU right here this January. It was very important for the nuclear technology cooperation between two countries. Chinese government attached a great importance to the letters addressed by Mr.Abraham and Mr.Evans, Secretary of USDOC and regarded it as a commitment of US side on the supply of nuclear technology and equipment to china. He also pointed out that nuclear cooperation between China and USA should not be terminated at any excuse once it was kicked off. Otherwise, it would lead to a great of losses to Chinese nuclear industry. As for the government assurance,CAEA and USDOE had reached consensus on many issues and were actively negotiating the validity of governmental agreement.

  Talking about the prevention of nuclear terrorism attack, Mr.zhang emphasized, the reduction of terrorism attack was the common goal of the world. China consistently attached the importance to the cooperation with the countries including USA. This year, CAEA and DOE had successfully held a seminar on this issue.  Both sides had agreed to hold a Demonstration of Integrated Nuclear Material Management(INMM). Meanwhile, China was modifying the Regulation of the People’s Republic of China on Nuclear Export Control and Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Control of Nuclear Dual-Use Items and Related Technologies Export based on the requirement of NSG. China also took some actions to improve the control and protection of nuclear facility and carried out some research work on the low enrichment of research reactor fuel. 

  Mr.Abraham said, the letter of two US secretaries had reflected the stance of US government. Now, he obtained more acknowledge of Chinese attitude and consideration.  He pointed out, both governments had made effort on the nuclear cooperation and hoped the both nuclear industries could follow it. Westinghouse Electric Company had participated in the bidding process of Chinese new nuclear projects based upon its capability and good records. He wished it good luck in the future.

  Mr.Abraham appreciated the support from Chinese government on the Global Threat Reduction Initiative sponsored by US in Vienna this September. He said, USA had replaced the high enriched uranium fuel of eleven research reactors with the low enriched uranium and finished the replacement of the other research reactors. He indicated if China had this demand of low enrichment, USA would like to give a support at any time.

  Both sides also exchanged the views on the Vitrification of High level waste, MEGAPORT projects and etc.

  Both sides acknowledged that good dialogue relationship had been established between two sides and there was a potential for the further cooperation. They hoped two sides to expand and deepen the cooperation and make full use of the complementary advantages of each side. (Gu Xin ping)