Zhang Huazhu Met with Russian Delegation
  • Updated:2004-05-12
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[News from CAEA] On November 3, 2003, Zhang Huazhu, Chairman of China Atomic Energy Authority, met with Russian Nuclear Society delegation headed by Kelukov, board chairman of Russian Nuclear Society.

During the meeting, Mr. Zhang reviewed general situations of cooperation in nuclear energy between China and Russia, and encouraged both nuclear societies to develop human contact and the exchange of technology. He indicated that the cooperation of both nuclear societies was an important supplement to the cooperation between the governments of the two countries. Chinese Government would make effects to support the cooperation.

Kelukov briefed Zhang Huazhu recent exchange of nuclear societies between China and Russia and the plan of cooperation in the future, and introduced the main content of the cooperation agreement signed by the two parties. He expressed that Russia would start the cooperation with China in the contact of the exchange of young scholars and public education of nuclear energy.

Invited by China Nuclear Energy Association, Russian Nuclear Energy Society came to China to promote the exchange and cooperation in nuclear energy between the two societies.(Li Xiang)