Mr.Sun met Russian Head of FAEA
  • Updated:2006-04-02
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[CAEA Net News] In the afternoon of March 17, Mr.Sun Qin, Vice Minister of COSTIND and Chairman of CAEA met with Mr.Sergey Kirienko, Head of Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency(FAEA).

During the meeting, Mr.Sun mentioned that Sino-Russian nuclear cooperation played an important role in the bilateral economic cooperation. In the past over decade, with joint efforts of both sides, the cooperative projects made a significant progress. Sub-committee of Sino-Russian Nuclear Cooperation was a good cooperative framework and played an active role in tangibly promoting bilateral nuclear cooperation. Both sides should made concerted efforts to ensure the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant to be in operation in a safely, reliably and timely manner. With the achievement of that goal, the Russian Year in China would be more meaningful. Since China and Russian had a sound mutual complement in terms of nuclear technology, both sides should strengthen the cooperation and exchange in the future. Sun also indicated that as two great and responsible countries, China and Russia should continuously play active role in promoting peaceful uses of nuclear energy and preventing nuclear from proliferation worldwide.

Mr. Kirienko appreciated the complimentary of Mr.Sun on bilateral nuclear cooperation and shared the similar opinions with Mr.Sun on the relevant issues. Russia and China were strategic partnership, he said. As  Russian chairman of Sub-committee on Russia-China Nuclear Cooperation, he would continuously push the bilateral nuclear cooperation forward with his Chinese counterpart. 

As agreed upon,both sides would deeply touch the cooperative projects in the fields of nuclea

r power and nuclear fuel cycle in the 10th China-Russia Nuclear Sub-committee meeting planned to be held in the second half of this year.  Both sides reached the consensus on the establishment of working group to carry out this mission.

In the meeting, both sides also exchanged views on global energy and nuclear power development, respective nuclear energy planning and other international significant issues.

After meeting, Mr. Kirienko headed the Russian delegation to visit the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant under the joint efforts of both sides.   (Article and photo by Gu Xinping)