Mr.Sun met with Mr.Hiroaki Kitamura
  • Updated:2006-02-15
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[CAEA Net News]Mr. Sun Qin,Vice Minister of Costind and Chairman of Caea, met with Mr. Kiroaki Kitamura, Managing Director of Japan-Asia Exchange Association on February 13, 2006. Both sides exchanged the views on Sino-Japan cooperation on nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and other related issues.

Mr. Sun mentioned that he met many important Japanese governmental officials and visited Japanese nuclear facilities for manufacturing and back-end nuclear fuel cycle during the visit in Japan at the end of last year. He was deeply impressed by what he saw in the visit, including the friendship of Japanese industry and ordinary people toward China and advanced technology and capabilities in terms of nuclear component manufacturing in Japanese enterprises. He recalled Japanese companies had carried out cooperation with Chinese counterparts in the past decades and made contribution to the development of Chinese nuclear energy. Despite the unfriendly atmosphere in the current Japanese political arena, Japanese industries and people were willing to keep friendly relationship with China. Mr. Sun also expressed his personal thanks to Mr. Hiroaki for his help during the last year visit and hoped he could make more effort to promote friendly relationship between China and Japan as an old friend of Chinese.

Mr.Hiroaki said he would do as what Mr.Sun said and gave some suggestions regarding some activities this year.

The representatives of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and Mitsubishi Corporation were present and briefed their company. They also indicated their willingness to strengthen the cooperation between China and Japan.