Chairman of NCCNE Inspects International Nuclear Emergency Exercise
  • Updated:2005-05-16
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Author:huang wei

(Via CAEA) On May 11, 2005, an international nuclear emergency exercise was initiated, which was lasting 39 hours. Over 50 member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and 8 inter-governmental international organizations took part in the exercise. This was the first participation of China for such an international nuclear exercise.

Mr. Zhang Huazhu, chairman of National Coordinating Committee for Nuclear Emergency (NCCNE) inspected the National Nuclear Emergency Response Center, the exercise scene in Beijing, viewed the process of and showed great concern on the exercise and giveed important instructions.

One of the objectives of the exercise was to test whether media information was issued in a coordinated manner. Mr. Zhang pointed out that China should improve media exchange, issue more information to the public, this walled build up the confidence of the pubic on the safety of nuclear energy. Even if there should be an accident, there would have been emergency countermeasures to protect people and environment.

Official web site of IAEA had issued a lot of information following the sequences of the exercise. The National Nuclear Emergency Response Office (NNERO) had also published related messages in time on China Atomic Energy Agency (CAEA) web site. All of these resulted in a good effects.

During the exercise,NNERO was also notifying the situations of the exercise to member departments of NCCNE and related provincial emergency agencies, major nuclear facilities and technical support units of NNERO. Director of NNERO, Mr. Wang Yiren also paid an inspection to the exercise scene, encouraging the staff to do the best to the exercise.