Sun Qin met Mr. Wolf, vice president of EDF Group
  • Updated:2007-04-05
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Vice minister of COSTIND and chairman of CAEA, Mr. Sun Qin met the visiting French delegation led by EDF Group vice- president Mr. Wolf. Both sides had a friendly conversation, and made an in-depth discussion on the issues of common concern.
The Chinese nuclear power has taken shape gradually, and won the support and assistance from French nuclear power industry, especially EDF Group, which is highly praised by China, said Sun Qin.
Sun Qin also stressed that, China has now entered into a new period of nuclear power development, and participated in many international activities related to nuclear power. By following a guideline of “self-reliance and international cooperation” in the development process, China welcomes the participation of French friends in nuclear power construction.

Many achievements were made in over 2 decades of Sino-France cooperation in nuclear power field. It’s hopeful of friendly cooperation in more fields, Wolf said.