Mr. Sun met with his French Counterpart
  • Updated:2006-02-15
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[CAEA Net News] Mr. Sun Qin, Vice Minister of COSTIND and Chairman of CAEA met with Mr. Caron, French Governor of IAEA and Director of Nuclear Division of CEA, and the French delegation headed by him. Both sides exchanged opinions on Sino-French nuclear cooperation on January 16, 2006.

During the introduction of Chinese nuclear power development and future planning, Mr.Sun said, China had decided to take the policy of speeding up nuclear power and had worked out new planning of nuclear power development. Up to 2020, the total installed capacity of nuclear power would reach 40 GWe. The proportion of nuclear power installed capacity to total installed capacity would be raised from current 2.2% to 4%. In order to full use of limited uranium  resources, China had decided to adopt the close cycle of nuclear fuel which was very important to Chinese sustainable development. At present, the pilot reprocessing plant was in smooth progress. The construction of large commercial reprocessing plant was under consideration in terms of technology, environmental protection, economy, society and long term development. China wish to carry out exchange and cooperation with other countries including France , Japan, UK and Russia on the advanced technology and experience of back end of nuclear fuel cycle.

Mr.Sun welcome Mr.Caron and his delegation to attend Workshop on Back End of Nuclear Fuel Cycle. He pointed out that both experts had carried out a good discussion which enhanced mutual understanding in deed. He emphasized that China and France were responsible members of IAEA. As Board Member of China, Mr.Sun would like to enhance communication and understanding with Mr.Caron and  jointly promote international nuclear affairs further.   

Mr.Caron extended his congratulation to Mr.Sun for his nomination as Chinese Board Member and expressed his satisfaction on the tangible discussion and exchange in the aforesaid workshop. He said that France enjoyed rich experience on nuclear power and nuclear fuel cycle and was happy to share them  with its Chinese counterparts. He also wished to strengthen exchange and mutual understanding with Mr.Sun in the framework of IAEA.(Photo and article by Gu Xinping)