CAEA Secretary-General Wang Yiren attended the 53rd IAEA General Conference
  • Updated:2009-10-23
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 The IAEA's 53rd General Conference of member states was convened on September 14, 2009, reviewing issues such as nuclear energy, technical application, nuclear  safety, nuclear safeguards, and nuclear security, etc. CAEA Secretary-General Wang Yiren led the Chinese Delegation to attend the Conference.

Wang stated in the general debate session, expounding the Chinese government's position on the nuclear issue and giving suggestions to the future work of IAEA.

Wang said that China "attaches great importance to nuclear safety," adding that "a relatively complete nuclear safety legal and regulatory system has been put in place." "China has stood for the prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons and opposed nuclear weapons proliferation of all forms," Wang said, stressing that China was a responsible country that was fully committed to peace. China had also actively participated in international cooperation to prevent nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism.

Addressing the peaceful use of nuclear energy, Wang pointed out that economic development, climate change and energy security were global concerns that required joint efforts of the international community. Currently, global nuclear energy has maintained a steady growth momentum; an increasing number of the developing countries also want to develop nuclear energy. The Chinese government's point of view is that technical cooperation is "one of the core missions" of the IAEA. It was also an effective way to promote socio-economic development in member countries and build their capacity to apply nuclear technologies. In the field of technical cooperation, the IAEA should give "sufficient consideration and earnest response" to the request of the developing countries.

Wang pointed out that with the rapid growth of nuclear energy, it was also important to ensure nuclear safety and security and prevent nuclear terrorism in the meantime. The IAEA "should continue active efforts in advancing the establishment of global nuclear safety and security legislation and standard system."

On the issue of developing multilateral nuclear fuel cycle mechanisms, Wang believed it "has a certain positive significance for the peaceful use of nuclear energy and the effective prevention of nuclear proliferation." However, it should also "ensure the justice and non-discrimination" in the implementation process.

Wang said that in order to improve efficient safeguards and ensure the peaceful use of nuclear energy, the IAEA should "strengthen cooperation with member states, while improving its own technical capacity."

Regarding nuclear issues in Iran and on the Korean Peninsula, Wang noted that China had been consistently advocating "peaceful solution through dialogues and negotiations" to resolve these regional nuclear issues. China would also cooperate with all relevant parties to actively push for denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and find an appropriate solution to the Iranian nuclear issue.

The 53rd IAEA General Conference was being held in Vienna from Sept. 14 to Sept. 18, with about 1,500 delegates from 150 member states attending.