CNNC qualifies for AP1000 nuclear fuel rods production
  • Updated:2017-02-10
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On Jan 19, CNNC’s subsidiary, Baotou Nuclear Fuel Company, received the qualification certificate for producing AP1000 nuclear fuel rods from America’s Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

This qualification marks CNNC’s completion of their nuclear fuel rods production line, and has provided the company with the ability to regularly manufacture AP1000 nuclear fuel assemblies, which means China can produce AP1000 nuclear fuel in large amounts.

On this occasion, it has guaranteed the supply of AP1000 fuel assemblies for China’s nuclear power plants, and has also laid a solid foundation for China’s research and development of large-size advanced pressurized water reactors, endowed with independent intellectual property rights.

A technician operates a machine at the AP1000 nuclear fuel rod production line in Baotou on Jan 19.