Mr.Sun met with guest from Bangladesh
  • Updated:2006-05-16
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[CAEA Net News] On Apri 24, 2006,Mr.Sun Qin, Vice minister of COSTIND and Chairman of CAEA, met with Mr.  Hossain, member of Parliamentary Standing Committee of Bangladesh, and Managing Director of SAHCO International Ltd. Both sides friendly exchanged the views on the bilateral cooperation in the nuclear area.

Mr.Sun expressed his personal appreciation on the effort made by Mr.Hossain in actively promoting the  collaboration between two countries in the nuclear and other sectors. He believed this kind exchange would enhance mutual understanding and benefit the mutual cooperation.  Since China and Bangladesh had signed governmental agreement on the nuclear cooperation, he said, Chinese government supported both nuclear industries to discuss the cooperation on the potential nuclear program. He also wished to have a chance to exchange the view on the this matter with Bangladesh authority.

Mr.Hossain said that he had kept close attention on the nuclear development in the Bangladesh and had strong willingness to promote the bilateral nuclear cooperation between China and Bangladesh.(Article and photo by GU Xinping)