Atomic Energy Publishing House Celebrating its 30th Anniversary
  • Updated:2004-05-12
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[News from CAEA] (by Gu Xinping)In the morning on November 28, 2003, the 30th anniversary ceremony of Atomic Energy Publishing House was held in Beijing. Zhang Huazhu, chairman of China Atomic Energy Authority attended the ceremony and gave a speech.

Mr. Zhang first expressed his congratulations to the achievements that Atomic Energy Publishing House on obtained in the past 30 years, and affirmed the contribution that the publishing house made for nuclear science and technology. He hoped that with the further improvement of socialist market economy mechanism and the development of reform of science and technology industry for national defense, the publishing house could enhance its services, increase its influence and gain more achievement in the science and technology industry for national defense and even the whole field of science and technology.

Established in 1973, Atomic Energy Publishing House aims to compile and publish scientific and technological books, periodicals, textbooks in the field of nuclear as well as books and dictionaries in other related fields. In the past 30 years, the publishing house has published over 4,000 kinds of books of nuclear science and technology, textbooks for higher education, periodicals and scientific and technological reports, among which 79 kinds or times of specialized books and textbooks were granted the best scientific and technological book awards and the best textbook awards of national or ministerial level, making important contribution to the spreading of nuclear science and technology and the development of nuclear industry in China, especially the research of the" two bombs and one ship" (atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and nuclear submarine) and the development of nuclear power.